The franchisor-Franchisee relationship can be very complex and involves many facets. Like in any kind of relationship, sometimes one side or another could become disappointed. In some instances, a lawsuit occurs. Sometimes a lawsuit is needed, other times disputes can be solved without litigation. 

If you as a franchisor or franchisee feel you main have a legal claim. You don’t need to get into a litigation process.

In arbitration, a third-party arbitrator hears your claim. The arbitrator’s decision is generally considered final and binding. The arbitrator has to listen to both sides, evaluating evidence, making a decision that seeks to achieve fairness and often providing a written explanation. Arbitration is generally much more informal compared to going to court.

On the other hand, Mediation involves the use of neutral, third-party mediators. The mediator meets with the parties and their respective lawyers, serving as a facilitator for discussion and negotiation to resolve the dispute. With a meditator, no decision is imposed on any party involved, and no one is forced to accept any particular outcome.

If you need help understanding Franchise litigation you can deliver your legal needs at Wasch Raines.

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The second most important document in the franchise relationship to the Franchise Disclosure Document is a franchisee’s commercial lease. We serve as approved commercial leasing counsel to numerous franchise companies which trust our firm with reviewing and negotiating their franchisees’ leases in a cost-effective, timely manner based on criteria approved by the franchisor. We regularly review commercial leases and deal with landlords across the country.

Franchise Commercial Leasing

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