Our franchise attorneys regularly represent franchisees, multi-unit owners and prospective franchisees in all aspects of the franchise sales process and during the term of their Franchise Agreements. We firmly believe that franchisees need to have an experienced franchise attorney review the FDD and exhibits to advise franchisees before they sign the Franchise Agreement. We offer competitive flat fee reviews of FDDs and then serve as ongoing counsel to franchisees for all of their legal needs if our clients proceed with making a deal with the franchisor. Below are some of the services we offer to franchisees:

We offer cost-effective flat fee pricing for our FDD reviews. For our prospective franchisee clients, we will prepare a memorandum with a summary of the key disclosures in the FDD and key terms of the Franchise Agreement. Our summary will include negotiating points that we feel, in our experience, may be agreeable to a franchisor that will benefit you during the term of the Franchise Agreement. Our franchise attorneys regularly negotiate and draft franchise agreement addendums. We advise our prospective clients on due diligence and questions to ask both the franchisor and existing franchisees as part of the flat fee. We spend as much time as necessary to ensure our prospective franchisee clients are comfortable with the deal they are about to sign.

Our attorneys represent franchisees and franchisee associations in litigation both in federal court, state court and arbitration. Recently, our franchise attorneys took a group of franchisees in arbitration against an emerging franchisor and prevailed on all counts of a 14-day trial and obtained a nearly million-dollar judgment against the franchisor and its principals. Franchisees are often at a significant disadvantage based on one-sided franchise agreements that they might sign. We use all strategic tactics available to us to balance the scales and achieve resolution either pre-suit at mediation or in litigation.

Unfortunately, disputes are a common occurrence in franchising. Franchisees faced with a potential default scenario should not put their head in the sand. We have the depth and experience to initiate disputes with franchisors, respond to notices of default, and proceed with the litigation process. We understand that our franchisee clients are often budget conscious so we don’t nickel and dime our franchisee clients.

Our franchise attorneys represent multi-unit franchise owners across brands and across the country. We advise our clients on territorial issues and development schedule compliance. Our commercial leasing attorneys have experience assisting multi-unit owners in obtaining fairly negotiated leases across the country.

Franchisees are business owners with similar legal needs to small businesses. We offer our clients flat fee and capped fee services for most routine tasks including employee and human resource compliance, preparation of independent contractor agreements, review of leases, and other related services. We are a one-stop shop for franchisees of many national and international franchise systems from the FDD review through the term of the Franchise Agreement.

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