FDD Preparation

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is the most important document in the transaction purchase and sale of a franchise. 14 days before signing an agreement with a franchise

The FDD has detailed and critical information that the franchisee must know before investing in a franchise. This with the purpose of protecting franchisees from scammers. 

There are two major reasons why FDD exists:

1. To protect the person as a candidate and

2. To protect the franchisor from misunderstandings, claims or false allegations.

There are 23 areas of information that must be disclosed in the FDD

• The franchisor and parents, predecessors and affiliates, predecessors.

• Business experience

• Litigations

• Bankruptcy

• The Setup Fees

• Estimated Initial Investment

• Restrictions on the sources of products and services

• Obligations of the Franchisee

• Financing

• Franchisor assistance, advertising, systems, information and training

• Territory

• Trademarks

• Copyright patents and potential information

• Obligation to participate in the actual operation of the Franchise business

• Financial Performance Restrictions

• Restrictions on what the franchisee can sell

• Renewal, termination, transfer, and resolution of disputes

• Public figures

• Financial performance representations

• Financial statements

• Information of points of sale and franchises

• Contracts

• Income

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