Claims related to construction work usually cover many branches of law such as negligence, civil liability of the manufacturer, labor compensation, contract law, and real estate law. Our personal injury lawyers understand the issues and the complexities of large construction projects.

Bad construction, faulty machinery, indolent supervision, code violations, and inadequate building regulations could lead to serious consequences of great impact.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of local regulations and laws, our accident lawyers have many years of experience in handling disputes on issues such as responsibilities, breach of real estate sales contracts, hurricane damage repairs and reconstruction, zoning and land use litigation, environmental disputes, and complex financing of mixed-use real estate projects.

Defective construction: Defective equipment or poorly serviced machinery could lead to dangerous and even fatal situations. Our team responsible for defective products has years of experience with lawsuits against negligent manufacturers. Garage crash.

Death by negligence of others in construction accidents: Colson Hicks Eidson has years of experience in dealing with the dense network of contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers and municipal agencies that try to blame each other when construction accidents occur when someone loses life. Your loved ones killed in such unfortunate circumstances deserve justice, and our firm prides itself on its history of success.

If you need help understanding Construction Litigation, you can deliver your legal needs at Wasch Raines.

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